Rules and Regulations


Become a Guild Member

The Wild Wolf Pack (WWP) guild is a self maintaining society. Members are expected to police them selves and each other at all times. WWP is not a clan of baby sitters, if we have to step in on a matter of rules, justice will be swift and final in most cases.


  • 18+ mature adults only. (children of members may be approved upon request)
  • Personal Computer Gaming required. (Xbox/PS3 optional, but not supported with resources I.E. Voice chat, and website will not support these systems)
  • WWP members must meet all minimum requirements of which ever games they list characters for. (I.E. if you don’t have the minimum requirements to play a game, your not allowed to list your characters)


  • Our Ranking system is purely to delegate responsibilities to members, and not to be confused with a game rank/title, or an empty role.
  • Promotions are granted on a need basis to allow more access to resources on the website and/or Voice Chat. However privileges are at the discretion of the council and can be granted to any members if seen fit, or needed.


  • In games where griefing, camp stealing, Kill stealing, Ninja Looting, and/or actions agents the LUA of the games are not supported or encouraged, and is expressly prohibited for WWP members to take part in such actions.
  • In games where griefing, camp stealing, Kill stealing, Ninja Looting, and/or actions agents the LUA of the games are supported or encouraged is expressly required for WWP members to take part in such actions.
  • By representing the WWP tag in any game, you represent the whole clan, abuse of tagging, misrepresentation of WWP, or using WWP to exploit gaming in any way, will result in removal of all privileges and accounts.
  • Use of WWP resources to profit, and or prey on other players will result in removal of all privileges, and accounts.
  • WWP doesn’t condone the free use of, cracks, hacks, and or unpaid for games (I.E. If you like the game and have ‘tried’ the game please buy the game!). Any members found using such games on a regular basis could be subject to loss of privileges and/or all out removal from WWP.
  • WWP doesn’t condone any illegal acts that have to do with any games, gamers, or other websites, and will remove any members misusing WWP resources in such endeavors or to such ends.

Guilds, Groups, Raids:

  • WWP members are not required to join any specific guild in any game we list. However hostile interguild wars among clan members is strictly prohibited, and could result in removal of ALL members involved. This is not to say interguild wars are not allowed in games that required 2 or more different sides to play against each other (I.E. Battlefield: Bad Company2, Guildwars, Starcraft2 ect…) Clan members are more than welcome to create both sides of the fight for all of us to have fun with (as long as it STAYS CLEAN, AND FUN!!!)
  • WWP members are asked to help all other WWP members at all times in any of the games we play regardless of what guild, or group they belong to when such is allowed.
  • WWP will not release ANY information on any of its members (I.E. Email address, Phone Numbers, Real Name ect…) unless expressly given permission to do so by members, and even then only at our discretion. Furthermore WWP will not share its databases with any other companies, organizations or clans.
  • Guilds may request raid structure implementation for any game that requires it as long as they have 1 veteran playing to support the raid tools and other resources.
  • Members may join any guild they like, but are expressly prohibited from creating a Wild Wolf Pack, or WWP guild on their own. Members may be promoted to do such as long as they prove they can handle the responsibilities needed. Only Veterans and higher are allowed to create said guild in any of the games we play. This is more to protect our members then the pack as a whole.

Voice Chat Rules:

  • Members are expected to keep other members in mind when speaking in Voice chat. Swearing, use of profanity, random repeating of phrases, chewing, and/or the like, although not forbidden, are frowned upon in excess. Furthermore, members using speakers instead of headsets are asked to keep in mind we don’t require headset use, or forbid swearing so children may at times be exposed to language or adult references that may not be acceptable to that audience. We ask all members to consider using a headset if impressionable children are around. If only to prevent children from hearing such profanities.
  • Voice chat privileges are defined by ranks Stray, Pack Mate, Veteran Pack Mate, Pack leader. Members needing further privileges will be granted such as seen fit.


  • WWP was created by gamers for gamers ONLY. Leadership consists of a counsel that votes on all changes to the structure. Leadership maintains the website and other resources for WWP members. Although, we run on donations WWP reserves the right to suspend or with hold any services from any members in circumstances where resources are being drained and not replaced by donations (I.E. one game or guild is taking up to much resources, and resources aren’t being replaced by donations for said game/guild)